Post Doctoral

<h3>International post doctoral scholarships, post doctoral fellowship, financial aid to gain post doctor</h3>

INRIA is offering many post-doctoral positions, each lasting 12 months (possible extension up to 24 months) for holders of a PhD or doctorate.

Conditions for application

ERCIM (European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics) offers fellowships for PhD holders from all over the world. Topics cover most disciplines in Computer Science, Information Technology, and Applied Mathematics.

Fellowships are generally of 24-month duration, spent in two ERCIM member institutes. A fellowship of 12-month duration spent in one institute might also be offered.

This programme is now co-funded by the European Commission FP7 (Marie
Curie Actions, Project: ABCDE, GA-2008-246016).


The Phoenics group, newly installed in the Institute of Molecular Sciences (ISM) at the University of Bordeaux 1 has several doctoral and postdoctoral positions available starting fall 2011.

The Faculty of Science at University of Gothenburg, Sweden announces a fixed-term employment as Postdoctoral Fellow in Theoretical Biology at the Department of Physics or the Department of Marine Ecology.

The UNESCO-L'ORÉAL fellowships scheme focuses on UNESCO's premise that people are the world's greatest resource and that innovation and excellence, especially among the young women community, deserve to be supported and encouraged through the concerted efforts of the international community. The award of the fellowships constitutes a key strategy through which impetus is being given to the enhancement of the role of women in devising scientific solutions to problems confronting humankind in the twenty-first century.

The Faculty of Sciences VU University Amsterdam offers 10 bachelor and 12 master courses and has over 1600 students. Research projects are always done in cooperation with external parties; the research questions are driven by practical problems. The candidate is expected to perform research in multi site coordination.

We want to strengthen our group with expertise in global software engineering. We have research projects related to global software engineering on the following topics:

Mobility for experienced researchers in historical humanities including Islamic Studies. Co-financed by the European Commission under the EU's Seventh Framework Programme for Research

The Gerda Henkel Foundation was founded in June 1976 by Lisa Maskell in memory of her mother Gerda Henkel as a private, non-profit, grant-making organisation dedicated to fostering research in the humanities. Starting in 2011, the Gerda Henkel Foundation is offering Marie Curie Fellowships in the
M4HUMAN programme aimed at supporting outstanding scholars.

Call For Proposals

BioTiNet Network offers 12 PhD positions (ESR=Early-Stage Researchers) and 6 post-doctoral positions (ER= Experienced Researchers) coming under different disciplines (Materials Science & Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Microbiology etc.) over the 4-year project. These posts are spread over the BioTiNet partner organisations. The BioTiNet fellows will undertake a total of 18 research projects, embedded in a well-structured training and research programme.

The DataBase and Web Security group, head by Prof. Elena Ferrari at University of Uninsubria (Italy) seeks applications for a 2 years post-doc position on
Security, Privacy and Trust for Social Networks, starting in July/September 2011. The position is financially supported by Lombardy Region and a Google Research Award.

The research topic is the design, implementation and evaluation of
next generation privacy-preserving technologies for Social Networks, with a particular focus on trust modelling and management.


The Centre for Biomaterial Development of Institute of Polymer Research in Teltow (Germany) is seeking a Scientist Postdoc - Code-No. 2011/PB 1 in Polymer Sciences/Organic Chemistry for activities in the Helmholtz-Programme Regenerative Therapies and Active Biomaterials. This is initially a 3-years fixed term contract.