Women In Aviation Scholarships 2016


Women in Aviation International (WAI) offer scholarships for 2016. Scholarship awards are a major benefit of membership in Women in Aviation, International. In the past 26 years WAI has disbursed millions of dollars to its members to help them get ahead and advance into the aviation and aerospace careers they have always dreamed about. There is an award for nearly everyone here, from the college student to the woman or man returning to the workforce, from managers and dispatchers to pilots, engineers, technicians and mechanics.

The international applicants seeking for scholarship must fit the criteria set by the WAI and they must mention the professional requirements in the aviation industry of their respective country.

WAI began its scholarship program way back in 1995 by selling USD 1 tickets to fund the program. It could collect USD 1,000 which enabled it to offer two USD 500 scholarships. In subsequent years, it managed to get the attention of corporate houses and philanthropists. In 1996, Northwest Airlines offered a type rating scholarship. The winner was Jodi Osborne from Tennessee who received her type rating in the 747.

How to Apply: 

To apply this scholarship then you must be a member of Women in Aviation International prior to November 2, 2015, and that membership must remain current through March 2016. You can join online at wai.org/membership/join.cfm. Current members: you can verify your membership status at any time by logging into the members only section of www.wai.org, or calling 937-839-4647. They are required to submit equivalent copies of certificates, licenses and medicals. In order to be a WAI member, the individual price is USD 45 (U.S. residents only), whereas a student (high school, undergraduate, graduate) is required to pay USD 32. International students must pay USD 45.

Then you need to download official scholarship application form though in PDF or e-mail at scholarships@wai.org to have an application sent to you.

Scholarship applications materials should be mailed to WAI Scholarships, 3647 State Route 503 South, West Alexandria, OH 45381.