[USA] University of South Florida Educational Leadership Scholarships

The University of South Florida College of Education is one of the nation’s top 50 graduate schools of education. College of Education University of South Florida (USF) offers some scholarships for master and doctor degree in educational leadership.

Berbecker Scholarship Application

The Lillie and Walter Berbecker Scholarship is designed to honor and reward advanced graduate students’ commitment to hard work and excellence and to provide financial support that fosters more focused graduate study.

The Berbecker Scholarship provides an opportunity for advanced graduate students who are preparing for a leadership position in public K-12 schools or a college/university faculty position in the field of Educational Leadership/Administration to receive financial support that assists them in engaging in full-time graduate studies and participating in teaching, research, writing, or other academic activities of the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies such as

  • Library research
  • Web-based research
  • Project-related research
  • Program evaluation
  • Data collection
  • Preliminary data analysis

Please contact department for application.

Phone: (813) 974-3420
Adam Raskin Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship is designed to provide Graduate Scholarships in Eduational Leadership in the College of Education.

Contact: (813) 974-3420

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