[United Sates] Siddall Scholar Awards at the University of Aberdeen

About the Siddall Scholar Awards

The Siddall Scholar Awards Programme provides the opportunity for outstanding Undergraduate students at the University of Aberdeen to spend the Summer on completion of their studies at a first rate US University or Research Institution.

It is offered on a competitive basis to students (British Citizens only) with outstanding academic skills and a strong commitment to research. The Programme is intended for students within the College of Physical Sciences, giving them experience of conducting work in some of the best-equipped research laboratories in the US. In the first instance, this is being made available to Computing Science Students.

In addition to the US internship, the successful applicant will be offered a College PhD Studentship (fees + maintenance for 3 years).

Placement 2008 Information

US Institute: Carnegie Mellon, Robotics Institute, School of Computing Science*

Host Academic: Professor Katia Sycara

Principal Aberdeen academic involved: Dr Judith Masthoff

Project: "Explaining action possibilities to obtain effective decisions"

In an emergency situation, humans often have to decide rapidly which action to take. Software agents may support this process using models of the domain and the decision-maker to recommend appropriate courses of action. It is important, however, that the decision is left to the human, and hence the decision support should be in the form of multiple options with associated explanations and justifications. Explanations of actions could include data on the success rate of this action in the past, risk involved in the action, other users who have taken this action in similar circumstances, etc.

Justifications may include reference to satisfied preconditions, appropriate resources available, etc. During the internship the student will review existing research in this area, investigate what kinds of information may help users to make decisions and conduct some pilot experiments to initiate an analysis with a view to addressing the research question: what type of explanation is most useful to humans for what type of decision?

Application Process

  • Download and complete sections 1 to 3 of the application form;
  • Identify a member of academic staff who will be willing to provide a statement in support of your application;
  • Pass the completed form together with a copy of your CV to the staff member;
  • Staff member completes section 4 of form and returns to you;
  • You submit the form plus your CV.

All applications should be returned no later than 5pm Friday 18th April 2008 to Frazer Ramsay (f.j.ramsay@abdn.ac.uk) in the Graduate School office.

Source: http://www.abdn.ac.uk/cops/graduateschool/siddall/