Kurt Hansen Scholarship in German 2015


Kurt Hansen scholarship is open to students studying to be educators in the field of science for students from German-speaking countries wishing to study abroad and foreign applicants who want to study in Germany. Key support areas include study projects, internships, summer courses, preparatory and supplementary study courses and theses. Assistance is also available for projects aimed at improving the training of science teachers.

The Bayer foundations support leading scientists, talented young researchers and innovative educational and social projects with the aim of improving the long-term entrepreneurial framework conditions for an innovation-based company like Bayer. The programs of the Bayer foundations center around dedicated people who do outstanding work in the areas of science, education and social welfare, and thus crucially advance our society.


The Jeff Schell Scholarship can only be awarded under the following circumstances:

  • Unique project-based study plans and a funding period not exceeding 1 year.
  • The applicant is currently involved in his/her main course of study or has graduated less than two years ago.
  • Scholarships are open to German applicants / German speaking countries who realize their projects abroad or foreign applicants who plan to study in Germany.
How to Apply: 

Please fill online Application Form to apply; required additional documents: passport photo, language test results, Letter of approval of the German university you want to study at as well as a transcript of records.