[Italy] ALTIS International MBA Global Business and Sustainability

ALTIS International MBA Global Business and Sustainability, Italy
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Italian Publishing Company
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Global Business and Sustainability


Chinese and Indian

International MBA in Global Business and Sustainability - Linking Fast Growing Economies and Europe, ALTIS, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy. Scholarships available for Chinese and Indian students for chinese students: 2 full scholarships to attend the mba global business and sustainability

The scholarships are awarded by an Italian Publishing company, and the ideal student profile will include the following elements:

Educational Background; Bachelor's Degree in Economics (Major: International Marketing)or Bachelor's Degree in Communication a course including examinations in Economics and/or marketing is preferred); a high level of English Language Proficiency. Those candidates who also possess a basic level of Italian will be awarded additional points

  • Analysis and synthesis
  • Proactiveness, flexibility, an enquiring mind and good interpersonal skills
  • Additional points for willingness to travel

Age: 25-30 years

Other profiles will be considered from the perspective of educational background and aptitudes.

How To Apply?
Candidates are asked to send their CVs to silvia.persi@unicatt.it, clearly indicating their purpose in the object MBA full scholarship for Chinese students within May 20th 2011.

For Indian Students:
4 full scholarships to attend the MBA Global Business and Sustainability
The four scholarships are part of the “vocational education” activity of a project called “Micro entrepreneurial models and services for the socio-economic development of the working poor in India", which is promoted by the Italian NGO FEM in partnership with ALTIS.

The 4 scholarships will be awarded as follows:

  • 2 scholarships for Indian Punjabi coming from the Punjab region.
    These scholarships include tuition and partial living expenses, while the student will have to pay visa and travel expenses and any other additional expense during his/her stay in Italy.
  • 2 scholarships for Indians living in Italy.

These scholarships include the MBA course.
all cChinese and Indian candidates should meet the following adimissions requirements:

  • A minimum 3 year University degree (Laurea Triennale equivalent); at least 1 or 2 years work experience;
  • proven English proficiency (those who have not studied in an English-speaking university are supposed to provide TOEFL or IELTS certificate); results of the GMAT or GRE (an alternative test may be asked directly to Altis)