(ISC) 2 is giving away US$100,000 in scholarship funds!

Just to remind you, (ISC)2 is giving away US$100,000 in scholarship funds! (ISC)2's Scholarship Program provides for eight deserving post-graduate students to share US$100,000 in grant money. That's US$12,500 per person - and you could be one of them!!

Will you be a selected recipient?

The (ISC)2 Scholarship Program was created for those who have taken information security to a whole new level of professionalism, and anyone pursuing a post-graduate degree at any regionally accredited university worldwide can qualify.
Other key criteria in order of importance:

  1. Relevant research
  2. Any (ISC)2 designation
  3. Financial need

Apply now at www.isc2.org/scholarship.

As the non-profit global leader in educating and certifying information security professionals throughout their careers, (ISC)2's job is to constantly give back to the very industry it represents.

So look into what the scholarship has to offer you, keeping these specific dates in mind:

  1. April 30, 2008 - deadline for application submission
  2. June 2008 - Award announcements