[Canada] The McLean Award Program at University of Toronto

The McLean Award Program at University of Toronto, Canada
Host (Institutions): 
University's Connaught Committee, Canada
Field of Study: 

Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering Sciences, and the Theory and Methods of Statistics




McLean Endowment supports outstanding basic research at the University of Toronto and provides extraordinary support to an outstanding researcher relatively early in his or her career by assisting the awardee to attract and support graduate students and post-doctoral fellows of great promise as part of his/her research team.

The award recipient will be known as the McLean Senior Fellow. Students and post-doctoral fellows receiving support from the Award will be known as McLean Graduate Fellows and McLean Post-doctoral Fellows, respectively.


Eligibility for the McLean Award is restricted to full-time members of the University's faculty who conduct research in the fields designated above and who are, as of the date of application, within twelve years or less of having received the Ph.D. Final determination of the eligibility of applicants and area of research will be made by the adjudication panel.

How to Apply: 

Submissions should be typewritten with a minimum 12 pt font with 1 inch margins. Please submit a complete application package electronically in Word format to connaught.secretariat@utoronto.ca

Submissions should include the following:

  • a statement (no more than two pages) summarizing the applicant's research program since receiving a Ph.D., noting special research achievements or milestones, and detailing why this area of research is important and promising;
  • a description (no more than two pages) of the applicant's current research program;
  • an executive summary describing your research project and its anticipated significance/impact on the relevant area of research in non-specialist language (approximately half page in length);
  • a short bio (of approximately 100 words) which will be featured on our website should you be successful in the competition;
  • a research proposal, no more than three pages of the applicant's future research plans with both short term and long term objectives identified;
  • a complete c.v. including a list of all refereed publications and research awards or distinctions;
  • a listing of all funding held or applied for including project title, sponsor, amount and effective dates;
  • a list of names and contact information of three individuals (outside of U.of T.) who could comment objectively on the scholarly standing of the applicant and the promise of his or her proposed research program. Please indicate why each individual was selected (e.g. expert in the field, knows applicant's work, etc.); and
  • a list of five to ten references to work published within the past decade, not by the applicant, referees, nor collaborators, which seem most relevant to the proposed research.

All submissions must be accompanied by an RIS Application Attachment form. The signature of the applicant's academic unit head on the RIS form indicates she/he has read the application and is in support of the proposed research.

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University of Toronto, Canada
Januari 16, 2012

Connaught Secretariat at connaught.secretariat@utoronto.ca