International scholarships, financial aid, fellowship to for Asia continent people

[Korea] Government Scholarship at INHA University

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology INHA University is recruiting '2011 Government Scholarship Students' for 200 international students from all universities in Korea.

Applicants must be 2nd or 3rd or 4th year undergraduate students, GPA for the last semester must be over 80 out of 100 and pass a minium fourth level in the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK).

[Japan] The Swadesh DeRoy Scholarship 2010-2011

The Swadesh DeRoy Scholarship is the annual scholarship award by the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan (FCCJ) that was created in honor of a respected long-time journalist member to encourage and support university students interested in entering the journalism field. Any current undergraduate or graduate student in Japan, or any Japanese student enrolled in an overseas journalism program, is eligible to apply.

Lotus Erasmus Action 2, EU - South East Asian Mobility Project

Lotus is an Erasmus Mundus Action Two Partnership (EMA2) of European and South-East Asian Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and Associations aiming at fostering mutual enrichment and better understanding between the EU and South-East Asia (China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand), through the exchange of persons, knowledge and skills at higher education level and to co-operate in the following program activities:

Indian Council for Cultural Relations Scholarships for Indonesia

The Government of India scholarships are provided by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) through its General Cultural Scholarships Scheme (GCSS) for the year 2011-12.

The scholarships are offered to meritorious Indonesian students to undertake higher studies in India under undergraduate (S1), post-graduate (S2) and Ph.D. (S3). Students can opt for any course in the fields of arts, performing arts, architecture, literature, commerce and science; degree courses in engineering and agriculture; and doctoral and post-doctoral courses in various disciplines.

Hong Kong Scholarship in Lingnan University 2011

Under graduate scholarship program to Hong Kong in Lingnan University 2011. Each scholarship is offered on an annual renewable basis and is tenable for a period of up to 3 years, subject to continued outstanding academic performance.


Non-local applicants (other than Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland citizens) should have attained at a recognised post-secondary institution outside Hong Kong an equivalent qualification to the Admission Requirements of the University, as stipulated below:

[Indonesia] Beasiswa S1 dari Sampoerna School of Education

Sampoerna School of Education mengundang siswa siswi SMA, MA ataupun SMK, lulusan 2011, 2010 dan 2009 serta memiliki keinginan kuat untuk melanjutkan studi tingkat S1 dan berkarir di dunia pendidikan.

Pilihan Jurusan Studi:

  • Pendidikan Matematika
  • Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris

Indonesia English Language Study Program (IELSP)

Indonesia English Language Study Program adalah program beasiswa yang menawarkan kesempatan untuk mengikuti kursus Bahasa Inggris di universitas-universitas di Amerika Serikat selama 8 (delapan) minggu.

[Japan] International Graduate Scholarships Program in English at Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University

Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University offers International Graduate Program in English for foreign students. There are up to 15 scholarships for Doctoral and Master's candidates. 9 scolarships come from Japanese Government / MEXT (MEXTMinistry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology). Six scholarships come from Asia Special Scholarship

[USA] Master's Degree Program in Education from AED Indonesia

The objective of the HICD/Education program is to build human capacity through scholarship opportunity in support of the GOI Ministry of Education (MONE), Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA), and Coordinating Ministry for People's Welfare (KESRA), to better carry on quality improvements to basic education and higher education sub-sectors.

Program participants will receive a Master's Degree in Education in areas such as:


[Indonesia] Pendaftaran Beasiswa S2/S3 Luar Negeri Ditjen Dikti Gelombang 6 Tahun 2011

Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi melalui Direktorat Ketenagaan kembali membuka pendaftaran beasiswa S2/S3 luar negeri gelombang 6 untuk alokasi tahun 2011. Program beasiswa ini diperuntukkan bagi dosen Tetap PTN, dosen DPk dan dosen tetap yayasan (PTS) di lingkungan Kementerian Pendidikan Nasional dan diutamakan untuk program S3 (PhD).

Cara Pendaftaran
Pendaftaran Online melalui situs Beasiswa Dikti untuk memperoleh nomor registrasi on-line.