International scholarships, financial aid, fellowship to for Asia continent people

[German] PhD Position in Economics at the University of Konstanz

International and Monetary Macroeconomics at the University of Konstanz invites applications for a position as a research assistant. The successful candidate will contribute to the chair's research and teaching responsibilities and expected to participate in the Doctoral Programme in Quantitative Economics and Finance at the University of Konstanz.

[USA] Shell Oil Company Scholarship Program for Bachelor Degree

Shell Oil Company offers annual scholarships through its Technical Scholarship & Shell Incentive Fund program to under-represented students pursuing a four-year degree in a specific technical field of study at certain colleges. If the necessary criteria are met, scholarships are renewable up to four years or until completion of an undergraduate degree.

[South Korea] Master of Laws Scholarship in TLBU Graduate School

TLBU Graduate School of Law in Seoul offers scholarship for students from qualified universities of East Asia and Southeast Asia. Transnational Law and Business University (TLBU) is a post-graduate university located in Goyang-si,Gyeonggi-do, Korea (20km from Seoul), with its branch in a small town near Paris and branch in construction in Maryland, USA.

[Singapore] Postdoctoral Position at Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore offers Postdoctoral position available in the area of biomedical signal processing and medical engineering. Researchers with research interests at the interface of electrical engineering and biology are especially encouraged to apply.

[Japan] The Hindu-Hitachi Scholarships 2012

Hitachi Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, in association with THE HINDU invites applications for three scholarships for technical training in JAPAN. Trainees shall be during their training, under the supervision and direction of Hitachi, which has full discretion on scope, mode, duration and place of establishment of their training.

[Japan] Beasiswa Monbukagakusho untuk Program Penataran Guru 2012

Pemerintah Jepang memberikan beasiswa (Monbukagakusho) untuk Program Penataran Guru (Teacher Training Program) yang dirancang khusus bagi para guru untuk meningkatkan kualitas pengajaran sesuai dengan bidangnya. Mereka akan diberikan pelatihan dalam cara mengajar, pembuatan rencana belajar-mengajar yang lebih efektif dan menarik minat siswa dan hal-hal lain yang dapat mengingkatkan kualitas dan kemampuan para guru.

[United Kingdom] Chevening Rolls-Royce Awards 2012 for Indian

Chevening Rolls-Royce Science and Innovation Leadership Programme is a tailor-made programme for high-flying mid-career Indian professionals working in the fields of science, innovation, and related public administration. The Programme offers an intense 11-week course at the prestigious Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, United Kingdom