International scholarships, financial aid, fellowship to for Asia continent people

[Japan] The Hindu-Hitachi Scholarships 2012

Hitachi Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, in association with THE HINDU invites applications for three scholarships for technical training in JAPAN. Trainees shall be during their training, under the supervision and direction of Hitachi, which has full discretion on scope, mode, duration and place of establishment of their training.

[Japan] Beasiswa Monbukagakusho untuk Program Penataran Guru 2012

Pemerintah Jepang memberikan beasiswa (Monbukagakusho) untuk Program Penataran Guru (Teacher Training Program) yang dirancang khusus bagi para guru untuk meningkatkan kualitas pengajaran sesuai dengan bidangnya. Mereka akan diberikan pelatihan dalam cara mengajar, pembuatan rencana belajar-mengajar yang lebih efektif dan menarik minat siswa dan hal-hal lain yang dapat mengingkatkan kualitas dan kemampuan para guru.

[United Kingdom] Chevening Rolls-Royce Awards 2012 for Indian

Chevening Rolls-Royce Science and Innovation Leadership Programme is a tailor-made programme for high-flying mid-career Indian professionals working in the fields of science, innovation, and related public administration. The Programme offers an intense 11-week course at the prestigious Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

[USA] Hyundai Scholarship from George Washington University

George Washington University, USA offer Hyundai Scholarships for South Korean and U.S. citizens. This scholarships covers full tuition (fees excluded) and may be renewed for one to four additional years, depending upon the program of study. Renewal applications are required.

[Japan] Nitori International Scholarship

Nitori International Scholarship was established in march with a monetary donation from akiko NITORI the director of the foundation. The main aim is to help international students from the Asian countries to grant them scholarship to study in Japan so that they can fulfill their dreams to study at Japan Universities to set up mutual friendship between Asian countries and to cultivate the human resource.

PhD Scholarship at School of Biological Sciences, University of Hong Kong

A PhD Scholarship is available immediately at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Hong Kong.

The successful candidate must hold a Master degree or equivalent qualifications in biology, bioinformatics or related field with ability to conduct various statistical analyses. Fluency in spoken and written English is required. For the candidates from universities with non-English language of instruction an official TOEFL certificate is required.