<h3>International scholarships, financial aid, fellowship to for Asia continent people</h3>

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore offers PhD scholarships for projects within the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology (SMART), Future Urban Mobility (FM) IRG, to be supervised by NTU and MIT faculty.

The Future Urban Mobility (FM) Interdisciplinary Research Group is the fourth and most recent IRG established within the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART). The FM IRG`s activities began officially on July 1, 2010.

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore offers graduate scholarships for student from ASEAN member countries except from Singapore

The ASEAN University Network (AUN) in collaboration with Daejeon University (DJU) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Korea are now ready to launch the ASEAN Millennium Leaders College Student Exchange Program between the Republic of Korea and ASEAN Nations 2011

Full Scholarships will be offered to 30 students from ASEAN Nations who interested to study in the fields of Social Science and ICT at Daejeon University for the year 2011-2012. The program is developed for international exchange students and classes will be taught in English.

Admission Requirement:

Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) has several openings for graduate student positions in the area of biological/biomedical signal processing and mathematical modeling.

Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) are recruiting PhD students for projects within the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology (SMART), to be supervised by MIT and NTU faculty. In those projects we apply mathematical engineering to problems in bioengineering and biochemistry, for example:

In an effort to promote talented academics, and with the generous support of the Government of the United Arab Emirates, up to 20 IRENA scholarships are offered at Abu Dhabi based MASDAR Institute of Science and Technology. The Programme extends to eight Master of Science Programmes offered at MASDAR Institute.

Program Joint Degree ini merupakan hasil kerjasama antara Fakultas Ilmu Komputer Universitas Indonesia (Fasilkom UI) dengan Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering, University of Canberra (ISE-UC). Peserta program ini sepenuhnya akan dibiayai oleh Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi (DIKTI), Departemen Pendidikan Nasional.


Peserta program ini harus memenuhi persyaratan berikut ini:


School of Electronics and Computer Engineering (ECE), Chonnam National University (CNU) South Korea provides Master Scholarship for Non-Koreans. This scholarship also provides Internships Program in Korean Company for 6 months (3 months each year) during studying master. The scholarship will be started in Fall Semester 2011 (September 2011) until August 2013.


Pemerintah Italia memberikan beasiswa kepada mahasiswa Indonesia untuk tahun Akademis 2011/2012. Beasiswa hanya diberikan untuk menempuh pendidikan atau penelitian di institut negeri atau yang diakui secara resmi:

  • Università degli Studi, Sekolah Tinggi dan Politeknik;
  • Sekolah Tinggi Seni dan Musik;
  • Institut Restorasi;

The International Leaders in Education Program (ILEP) is a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, and is implemented by IREX (the International Research & Exchanges Board), a Washington, DC based non-profit organization.

Program debt swap Indonesia dan Jerman adalah satu-satunya program pengurangan stok utang luar negeri pemerintah Indonesia yang disepakati oleh Pemerintah Indonesia dan Pemerintah Republik Federal Jerman. Dari Jumlah total debt swap yang berasal dari pemerintah Jerman, sektor pendidikan merupakan salah satu sektor yang disepakati.

Beasiswa debt swap diberikan kepada: